Michael Odent, born on July 7th 1930 is a physician and obstetrician and strong advocate of natural childbirth.

Odent , a contemporary of the pioneer of the  ‘gentle birth’ by  Frederick Leboyer, was chief physician of the maternity ward in the district hospital of Pithivier, France. Odent settled in London in 1990 and founded the research community Primal Health Research Centre. But Odent was well known in medical circles before this, through his numerous publications dealing largely with pregnancy, childbirth and lactation.

By blowing up an inflatable paddling pool in the birth center at the Plithiviers Clinic Hospital, Odent became the first doctor develop the popular water birth. 

‘’Nothing determines the development of a human being and the quality of his/her life as much as the circumstances of one’s birth "



Liliana Lammers

Lilian Lammers was born in 1930 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Lilian is a mother of four children and a grandmother. She has accompanied Michel Odent for the past two decades.
Lilian, herself an experienced doula, has been the head the Para Manna Doula institute for the training of doulas in England for many years. Together with Michel they have made it their mission to raise and maintain awareness of the importance of natural birth.